Instagram Giveaway! DIY Wool Dyer Balls

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Hello dear friends! This blog is taking off at a rapid pace, so to celebrate, I’m doing a giveaway on Instagram!* Oh yea, this page has an Instagram:  SustainableCityLiving. I also have a Pinterest page so check it out! Follow the instructions on Instagram to enter to win 4 DIY Dryer Balls made by yours truly.

I’ve been wanting to make wool dryer balls for quite some time. With a little help from our old pal Google, I found a few different instructions and did a little combination of everything I read. I also went for some experimentation to see what works best.

Why use wool dryer balls?

Liquid fabric softener and dryer sheets may give the allusion that your clothes and towels are cozy and soft, but in reality, all they are doing is coating the fibers of your clothes and towels with synthetic softeners. That means that your towels, the things who’s job is to absorb water, are being coated with a substance that will inhibit how much they absorb. This is why you should never use fabric softener in your cloth diaper laundry. Wool is a natural, renewable resource. No plastic and nothing in the garbage!

Save your money! Liquid softener and dryer sheets can really add up in cost over time. I bought one skein of yarn for a few dollars and was able to make 4 dryer balls that will last pretty much forever. Look for an old sweater at the thrift store, and you’ll save even more.

How do they work?

Throw anywhere from 4-8 dryer balls (depending on how big the load is) in with your laundry as it dries. The balls do two things: they help draw moisture from your clothing, and they allow warm air to flow more easily as they bounce around. Both of these things ensure shorter dry times which saves energy. If I had a favorite “green” product it would definitely be wool dryer balls (after cloth diapers of course).

What you need:

  1.  100% wool yarn or old wool sweater
  2.  Scissors
  3.  Old pantyhose

What I did:

I made two different kinds of wool dryer balls to see if one felted better than the other. First I bought a skein of 100% wool yarn from Pat Catan’s. Make sure there is no acrylic! It has to be 100% wool, or it won’t felt properly. I also found a 100% cashmere sweater from the thrift store for $1.

The sweater I found couldn’t really be unraveled, so I just cut it into one long, thin strand, keeping part of the cuff as the middle part. Then I just wound the strand around until it was tennis ball-sized. I tied the loose end to another piece and poked it in the middle with the end of the scissors.

cut up sweater

(I’ll tell you now that the ones made from the sweater didn’t turn out great. One of them worked better than the other two. They felted a little, but not enough to keep from unraveling. I’m unsure if they needs a few more washes or if it was how I wrapped the strands. Next time I plan on finding a wool sweater that can be unraveled.)

two failed wool balls
I didn’t fail. I just found two ways that didn’t work. -Thomas Edison. And me.

I did the same thing with the yarn, and again used part of the cuff from the sweater as the “base” to wrap it around. With the yarn, I wound one ball very tightly and another loosely, but they both felted perfectly!

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To felt the yarn balls, put them in a leg of a pair of pantyhose, tying a not in between each ball to keep them separate. Wash on hot with some towels or other laundry that needs done, followed by a cold rinse. You’ll need to do this 3-4 times. I cringed when I saw I had to wash on hot as I always use cold, but I figured it’s just this once and the savings should outweigh all that hot water usage.

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Throw your wool caterpillar in the dryer, and you’re done!

The finished product:

four finished wool balls

Don’t forget to find SustainableCityLiving on Instagram to enter for four dryer balls of your own!

*Per Instagram rules, I’m supposed to mention this is in no way sponsored, administered, or associated with Instagram, Inc. By entering, entrants confirm they are 13+ years of age, release Instagram of responsibility, and agree to Instagram’s term of use.


4 thoughts on “Instagram Giveaway! DIY Wool Dyer Balls

  1. At first glance it sounds and they look great but there is a lot of animal cruelty–and controversy about wool. Animal abuse and intentional cruelty runs rampant in operations where animals are used for human gain. For me and others who share my concern, it would be better to choose synthetic and man-made materials.


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