Cloth Diapers: How I Started

Believe it or not, it was actually my husband that convinced me to use cloth diapers. While I was pregnant, he mentioned the idea, and I quickly shot it down.

“Do you really want to do an extra load of laundry every day?”

Fast forward to today, and I’m obsessed. I buy and sell them. I’m a member of cloth diaper Facebook groups. I talk about them whenever I get the chance, much to the chagrin of family and friends, I’m sure.  Despite all my annoying swooning, several friends have even ask me about them.

I did a ton of research before buying cloth. I mean, a lot. I read the blogs, frequented Pinterest, joined the groups, and asked the few mom-friends I knew who used cloth. After weeks of research, I still felt lost. I couldn’t tell you the difference between a pocket, an all-in-one, or a fitted. I didn’t know how to wash them. I didn’t know how many I needed. It was overwhelming, and made want to say “Forget it!”

But I’m stubborn. In a sudden swell of determination I returned over 600 Babies R Us disposable diapers and brought home six BumGenius 4.0s, some extra inserts, detergent, and two big wet bags. I had no idea what I was doing, but I started the next day.

My first stash shot!

I decided that I made the rules, so even though I only had six diapers (not even enough for a full day) I wanted to just try. So I used the six I had, then switched to sposies when those were washing. Once they were done (which was usually the next day) I used the cloth again. I couldn’t believe  how easy it was. I also started when Ellie was only two months old, so she was exclusively breastfed. That means her poop was water-soluble. No toilet swishing! My diaper changing routine didn’t change at all except the load of laundry. (Now that Ellie eats solids, her poo-dipes get sprayed off in the toilet before going in the washer. Another post for another day).

I was hooked. Once we got a hang of the routine, Nick and I decided to buy enough to be able to use cloth exclusively.

Even with all the researching I did, it wasn’t until I started using cloth diapers that I really figured it out. It’s hard until you get your hands on them, because they’re not the norm. Everybody sees disposable diapers, so even if you’ve never changed one before, you get kinda the basic idea. I never saw a cloth diaper before I thought about using them. I had to start from scratch. That’s what made it so overwhelming.

If you’re thinking about switching to cloth diapers, feel free to talk to me! I love chatting about them, even if you’re not totally sure you’re ready. Have questions? Leave a comment or send me a message!


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